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A Visit From The Maker Behind 'Grain & Knot' Sophie Sellu..

Updated: May 2

We love collaborating with artists and makers and we were thrilled to welcome Sophie from Grain & Knot to the cabin.

Sophie creates beautiful wooden objects out of storm fallen wood, her seasonal ranges include consciously made sculptural and functional pieces including vases, brushes and kitchenware.

Sophie studied woodworking at school before going on to university to study interior design, from there she went on to work in trend forcasting, she found the long days behind a computer screen tiring so she started to carve pieces in a way of doing something mindful and her designs evolved from there.

"I'm so drawn to hand carving it's such an obsession of mine, I love that it's a slow meditative process and is a really theraputic way of creating".- Says Sophie.

I was instantly drawn to the tactile forms of Sophie's work, the soft, organic shapes are appealing to me, her objects look wonderfully anthropomorphic.

I think the backdrop of the cabin worked brilliantly for photgraphing some of Sophie's pieces, they looked very at home here.

When it was time for her to leave we gifted Sophie a piece of oak from our barn, hundreds of years old. We look forward to seeing what she creates with it...

Are you an artist or maker who would be interested in working together on a piece? Get in touch with us below and we can chat about it.

See more of Sophie's work here



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