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As seen on Sandi Togsvig's Extraordinary Escapes - Season 3, Episode 3!

The Cabin

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Hergest Hergest Ridge, a hill that forms the border between England and Wales.

lee /liː/noun - 1. the sheltered side of something; the side away from the wind.

The Lean-to

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The Whereabouts

The Radnor hills and forests are tranquil places to explore with dramatic landscapes. Most times you can walk for miles and not see another soul.

Wales is known for its clean, fresh water and there are lots of crystal clear wild swimming spots close to Hergest Lee that we can show you..

Here at Hergest Lee you will see red kites soar above and buzzards and in the Summer months house-martins, swallows and swifts fill the sky.

Situated in the tiny hamlet of Burlingjobb near Presteigne & Kington Hergest Lee is Wrapped in beautiful Welsh scenery, with forests, hills and trails right outside the doorstep making it the perfect place to escape and re connect with the land

Be surrounded by history and wildlife beside the 8th Century ancient monument along the English-Welsh Border. Offa's dyke path is a short walk from the cabins and part of this ancient trail is the spectacular Hergest Ridge. 


Worsell Woods - A short Walk away

The view of the Radnor Valley from Hergest Ridge 1 mile away

Just up the road you can find the impressive waterfall 'Water Breaks it's Neck' is situated in Warren Wood which is named after the rabbit warren which once provided a source of food and this part of Radnor Forest has seen huge changes over the centuries. The Victorian landowners created a forest in the popular Picturesque style by planting trees on the moorland.

You can see many of these trees, which are now huge, on the walking trails.

We have a family of Perigrine Falcons nesting near by. These incredible birds are known for their amazing speed and are completely captivating to watch. 


At night you can watch the bats swoop around you and hear the magical call of the owls. | Presteigne, Powys, Wales, UK | T&C's | COVID Policy

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