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Your own Bespoke Cabin...


If you're interested in having a cabin of your own for your office, studio or a space to use in your garden you can purchase a cabin directly from us.

We have put together a preliminary package to illustrate what we will be offering. 

At the moment we are not offering a kit for a third party to erect. The flat pack cabin would be delivered to site and erected by our team. We feel that this is important so as to ensure a consistent standard of finish. We may consider providing a kit in the future for sites that require more than one unit, with training given on the erection of the first unit. ​

If you would like to stay at Hergest Lee you can book directly through our website, Should you wish to book  (prior to ordering) the price of your stay would be refundable if you decide to purchase a cabin.  (T&C's apply) If you would like to come and view the cabin this is also possible.  Get in touch for our available dates.  

All prices are excluding VAT and delivery. Groundworks to be carried out by the customer, specification drawing provided. Services would also need to be supplied by the customer (water, electricity & waste).  

Please see our pricing structure below. We do also have another design, it’s larger than the Mini Cabin but smaller than the existing cabin pictured above. We will detail this on our website soon. 

Download the price list HERE

Detailed Drawings for Hergest Lee Cabin can be found HERE

Drawings for Midi Cabin HERE

(Mini Cabin drawings coming soon...)

Mini Cabin - As Hergest Lee Cabin but a Miniature Version.

Open plan cabin with no mezzanine area.                                                                              

External Dimensions 2.9m x 5.4m footprint (2.9m x 6.4m at widest point).      


  1. Basic 

  • Insulated & Wired/all plug sockets and light fixtures. 

  • All joinery 

  • All woodwork oiled

  • Blackout blinds (choice of three colours). 

  1. Complete (As basic +) 

  • Toilet

  • Shower

  • Kitchen

  • Mini Fridge

  • LPG Boiler

  • X2 Burner gas hob



  • Fold down shutter/decking  £1300

  •  * Shou Sugi Ban (charred black cladding) £1700

  • Integrated double bed £1100

  • Interior Design Service POA


Hergest Lee Cabin - Original Cabin (as seen in The Times Feature).

External Dimensions 8.4m x 4.3m

  • Insulated & Wired/all plug sockets and light fixtures. 

  • Staircase 

  • Mezzanine

  • All joinery 

  • All woodwork oiled

  • Blackout Blinds (choice of three colours).


Mid-(As Basic +)

  • Toilet

  • Shower

  • Basin

  • Heating Panels

  • Lpg boiler


Complete (As Mid +)

  • Kitchen

  • Bath

  • Modular Boxes in Bedroom 

  • Bed

  • Gas Hob

  • Fridge/mini freezer

  • Pull out table and stools


  • *Shou Sugi Ban charred cedar  

  • Oven 

  • Integrated dishwasher 

  • Upgraded insulation (wool) 

  • Upgraded pavartex wood fibre insulation

  • Heat recovery extractor fan

  • Interior Design Service  POA


* shou sugi ban (焼杉板) originated in Japan in the 18th century primarily as way to treat cedar siding to make it weatherproof, the technique—which involves charring a wood surface to render it a deep charcoal-black. A blackening of the wood that reveals clean, distinct lines and an inherent textural beauty. 

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call or email. Paul 07920181000 | | @hergest_lee

Drawings for Hergest Lee Cabin can be found HERE

Hergest Midi Drawings HERE 

Hergest Mini Cabin (Coming Soon) 

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